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Re: How did the Nero, his crew and ship escape Rura Penthe?

Timo wrote:
Not stated anywhere.
Countdown and the novelization. This is also implied by the film due to the apparent relative proximity to Romulus, in conjunction with the fact that no Federation worlds were said to be destroyed in the same timeframe as Romulus. For example, we know from Unification that Vulcan is also a "short hop" from the RNZ.

Timo wrote:
Indeed, we have no authentic knowledge of the name of the star, either
Star Trek Online, in addition to the above sources.

Timo wrote:
Scripts never are.
They can indicate writer intent. For example: Trespassing vessel: you have entered the jurisdiction of the Klingon Empire. This is another reference which indicates that the border the writers had in mind for the Kelvin incident was the Klingon-Federation border.

Timo wrote:
The jailbreak storyline is gone for good. Never happened, never could have happened, in the film we got.
Statements by Orci & Kurtzman appear to say otherwise.
Just walk away, and there will be an end to the horror.

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