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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

Loved it! Definitely cements the show's place on my favorite shows list. I didn't expect the twist with the preserved part of the Fairy Tale world, but I was wondering why Mulan, Phillip, and Aurora didn't seem to be in Storybrooke. I didn't think the stuff with Henry not wanting them to kill Regina was that out of character. No matter what she's done she was still the woman who raised him as her son.
I like the Bluebeard idea for Wale, I hadn't considered him before.
The mention of the Whale from Pinocchio does bring up something I was wondering about. Do you think we'll see more non-human Fairy Tale characters in the future? I would be curious to see how they'd handle The Three Little Pigs, or Goldilocks & The Three Bears.
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