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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hey there! I am 23 and I live in Madison, Wisconsin. I haven't been a TNG fan for long, just got into it within the past year actually. I remember watching Voyager with my dad when I was younger. I had no grasp of the themes and story lines, but I loved the visuals and it was a great bonding experience for me. Now, as an adult, discussing Star Trek (especially TNG and Voyager) with my dad continues to be very fun! I love hearing other peoples' ideas and perspectives. As far as TNG characters go, I'd have to say my favorite is Dr. Crusher ...and my least favorite is Riker... While I do definitely think that his character is well written and complex, I just don't like him! As in, if I were to meet him on the street, I'd walk the other way
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