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Re: Hey! Get another job!

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To be fair, producers/writers rarely knew in advance when they would have Whoopi available for a particular episode. She was an A-lister back then.
Really? I knew she did other things, but I didn't realize she was popular enough to be called an A-lister. I guess that explains why we didn't get more episodes focused on her.

Still a shame, though. I never got a lot of my questions about her character answered.
Oh, big time. She's probably a C-lister now, at best, but at that time? Oh she was A-list all the way, up to and including winning an Oscar. She was also making one movie after another.

I have heard over the years that they reduced Troi's role to give Guinan more screen-time, and would quickly rewrite Troi's dialog to work in Ten-Forward whenever they knew Whoopi would be there. On those times when they had a real Guinan script, they booked her far ahead of time to make sure she was available.
"Sorry. Wrong movie, buddy."
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