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Re: Movie Caption Contest #224: Back and forth...

Thanks for the win, LeadHead!

Picard: "I think we've lost them! Now, everyone into the cave! They'll never find us in here!"
Crusher: "But, Jean Luc, they're just the Baku's children!"
Picard: "I'm not comfortable with children! Now move your ass!"

Riker: "Oh. Admiral Nechayev! We--uh--we weren't expecting any communications from Starfleet today."
Nechayev (on screen and not amused): "Obviously, Commander!"

LaForge: "Ah, finished! It took seven hours, but I've verified the position and configuration of every constellation! This is definitely Earth!"
Riker: "Um...Geordi? No one was questioning that."
Cochran: "He doesn't work well without supervision, does he."
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