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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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Yep, the holy grail of J/Cers indeed. For me it was the death knell of any possible Janeway/Chakotay future. So here they are, the only people on the planet, and he has to go metaphorical in order to signal his intentions? Angry Warrior my ass. Whatever happened to the guy who ran his own ship of outlaws, against impossible odds and an implacable enemy? Oh yeah -- he agreed behind the scenes to merge his crew with hers and be second fiddle, and the only time we get another glimpse is when he decks Dalby in "Learning Curve". The man's a pussy-footer who would bore Janeway to death inside a week. Me, I'd go with the monkey.
I liked Chakotay here, although I agree that it was the death knell for him. His character seemed to regain that confidence he once had and he was more Marquis-like. He was in charge. Even his body posture showed confidence (knee up, leaning into Janeway/holding her under the table, saving her in the forest, etc.). Although, the whole mom comment kind of killed the one scene. I though it was hot personally, and I kind of felt sorry for him in the end.
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