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Re: What do you look for in a fan fic?

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and I HATE technobabble. Part of science fiction is SCIENCE, and it's not inappropriate to actually do a bit of research to know what you're talking about instead of relying on the Trek equivalent of "reverse the polarity of the neutron flow...".
The trouble with this is that a lot of the canon has little real science behind it. The shows themselves were full of meaningless technobabble. So fanfic writers who write their stories this way are really just being true to Star Trek. I can't reasonably expect a higher degree of scientific accuracy from fanfic writers than from the canon itself.

One thing more: If the story contains too many spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, punctuation mistakes, or if the characters' dialogue is all mixed up in the same paragraph, I'll know that the author is too lazy to proofread (or to ask someone else to proofread).
This I definitely agree with. Posting a fanfic full of basic mistakes is disrespectful to the show itself and the fans.
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