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Re: Dexter - Season 7 (with Spoilers)

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I have no idea how they are going to redeem themselves for that bullshit, not unless they declare the whole idiotic season to be a bad dream that Deb had after too much pepperoni pizza.
There wasn't a mention of it in the first episode. I think she was just having a lapse of judgement
Sadly though, the [Deb in love with Dex, secretly] plot thread was referenced in the intro summary. It sure is a stomach squirmer of plot idea... not sure where the writers are headed with this one.

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The eighth season is supposed to be the last.
So a season's worth of Deb knowing, maybe some others on the team know... then on the lam for season 8?
I wonder how it will unfold. I'm also thinking although Deb might initially freak "the fuck out," once she and other law enforcement characters start to realize what Dex is up to (he only kills other killers) they just might find some grounds to justify what he does... and even help him. I'm just trying to imagine where the writers may take us... and show us something we truly haven't seen before.

If Dex goes down his list of vicious gang members, violent sociopaths and scumbags that he's killed... wouldn't he be a hero in many peoples eyes? If they don't spend the entire season dragging that out it might be interesting.

This show really trickles out and takes it's time... I was initially pissed as the episode started, cheering on Dexter to finally out himself to Deb.
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