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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Ah the holy grail episode for the Janeway/Chakotay fans. Chakotay seemed very interested in this episode, even to the point of almost being life like. I was half expecting them to wake up in an alternate universe or holodeck or something... that's usually what happens when Chakotay starts acting almost human. Janeway seemed reluctant and frankly more interested in the monkey than Chakotay. Honestly I only saw her going along with the romance bit with resignation and lack of options. This was also the one time Chakotay uses the Indian story routine without it annoying me. the "beautiful woman" capturing the "angry warrior" who then devotes himself to her also fits my theory that Janeway had Chakotay castrated after "Caretaker." He definitely lost all pep, zeal and life after that episode.

I would have found the ship board drama a lot more interesting if they did it in a manner that wasn't so obvious they'd find the cure/come back. Though I do find it utterly hilarious that even under Captain Tuvok, Kim remains the captain's designated whipping boy. Honestly I would have liked to see Tuvok in charge for more than just this episode. He pulls it off well.

But Voyager as always blandly pushes the reset button and it all may as well not have happened. I personally would have liked it if they stretched this situation out for a few episodes. Heck if they tied this into the Kazon spy arc, this could have been very fulfilling. Seska and Culluh learn of this, get the cure from the Viidians themselves and kidnap Janeway and Chakotay. They ransom them to Voyager, forcing them into an ambush and the spy is found out during this. We'd get to see a more dramatic conclusion to the Kazon arc that makes a bit more sense, more tense material for Janeway and Chakotay and a hard choice for Captain Tuvok. Could've been good stuff if they just thought about how their episodes would spin together.
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