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Re: will star trek ever return to prime universe?

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I think RISE is basically a second attempt at a reboot, with some fun "easter egg" homages to the original series. I don't remember any mention of experimental brain medications in the original films, plus there's the fact that CONQUEST had the apes revolting in the "futuristic" 1990s!

(Hmm. The apes revolted around the same time as the Eugenics Wars. Boy, that sounds like a fanfic waiting to be written!)
Possibly, though I think it's open to interpretation. It certainly ignores the sequels, and I'm more than happy for it to do so, but Rise could still be in loose continuity with the first film.

Whether that's the intention or not, I have no idea.

Ape Khan? I'm there!
I don't think it counts as returning to original continuity if you have to ignore 4/5th's of the series!

(I'm trying to imagine the Trekkie response if they announced that they were going back to the original timeline--but only up to Star Trek: The Motion Picture.)

As for Ape Khan . . . hey, there was already an authorized Apes/Alien Nation crossover. Remember Ape Nation?
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