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Re: Did Vader ever fathom that Palpatine was Darth Sideous?

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So Joe Sixpack is fine with a Sith running the show after 10,000 years of Jedi propaganda?
The Jedi are a few hundred guys, tops. There are trillions of people on Coruscant alone. The scale of the galaxy means that the vast majority of people only know about the Jedi via crazy inflated rumors and the likelihood of actually meeting someone with Force Powers is so small that you're better off spending your entire life savings on lottery tickets.

And really, anything that a Force User can do can easily be replicated by technology and slight-of-hand, so tales of Jedi magic are just as easily chocked up to con artists bilking the rubes.

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they were the generals of the clone wars that ripped up every planet in the galaxy after they kept the peace for 10,000 years...

Clones vs Droids.

Like "real" people gave a shit.
The battles in the Clone Wars were tiny. Seriously. They did not rip up entire planets. The major battles of the Clone Wars were equivalent to small skirmishes from a modern perspective. Battles consisted of a few hundred guys with minimal combined arms support using Napoleonic tactics fighting over a few square kilometers of land at best.

Every Clone trooper and Battle Droid in the entire SW Galaxy could be dropped in Kansas tomorrow and fight a war and we'd barely notice.

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