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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


Janeway and Chakotay wake up on a planet in stasis pods because they contracted a disease that the Doctor cannot cure. The Doc suggested that they contact the Vidiians because of their advanced medical technology, but Janeway decides that contacting the Vidiians would not be wise. She hands over command of the Voyager to Tuvok (obviously the only choice and what an awesome Captain he made!)

The rest of the crew gets together to debate Janeway’s decision, and Tuvok explains that he has already made the decision, and that he will provide them with everything they need (replicator, food, weapons, shelter, a shuttle craft, etc). At least Tuvok has covered all the necessary bases.

I have found my favorite Janeway hairstyle yet! I love the fancy pony tail! They both look good too, nice choice of costumes! Wow! We almost caught a glimpse of Janeway naked when she was startled by the monkey in the woods! Then Chakotay seems to realize Janeway is only wrapped in a towel and he goes awkwardly back into their home. At this point, I would say Chakotay is definitely looking for a little something, but I don’t think Janeway is yet. In one of the next scenes where Chakotay is in his billowy white top and Janeway in her red dress you feel the sexual tension again. I like that; it is very real. Also, I love the costumes; how Robin Hood and Maid Marian!

Meanwhile, back on the ship Kim actually grows a pair and challenges Tuvok on the bridge. He said what everyone was thinking, but he is the only one who would say it or express his concern over Janeway and their lack of action. Tuvok temporarily kicks him off the bridge, but Kim goes back to Tuvok’s quarters to argue that they should help Janeway. Tuvok is in an awesome purple PJ set; big fan! Tuvok pulls off purple! He has some weird candles with people holding hands though…it seemed a little odd for a Vulcan….I would have expected something plainer.

While Janeway is getting her bugs to study a huge storm blows in with green lightning. Chakotay (very romantically) went off into the woods to find her and makes sure that she returns safely. Chakotay holds Janeway under a table as protection while the plasma storm was wreaking havoc on their camp. Their physical actions toward each other seem to be getting more personal…. Once Janeway gave up her research and hope of getting off the planet I have to assume that they became more than friends….I mean Chakotay built her a bathtub!

Kes goes to Tuvok and gently explains that he is responsible, as Captain, for both the physical and emotional well-being of the crew. After meeting with a group of worried crewman Tuvok decides to call the Vidiians for help, which they responded favorably to and they had a cure!! They lied, attach Voyager, the Doctor is contacted with their Doctor (who was aided by the Voyager Doctor in the earlier episode) and Tuvok arranges to briefly drop the shields so they can beam in the cure.

Back on the planet Janeway and Chakotay are cleaning up and there is another touching moment when Chakotay is rubbing Janeway’s shoulders. I get the impression that Janeway would like more with Chakotay, but she is fighting it. Plus, Chakotay kind of killed the mood with the comments about his mother…. When he tells Janeway the Angry Warrior story he is basically professing his love through a Native American story-ballad, and Janeway fell for it. She finally let him in; I appreciate the subtle movements in this episode; beyond holding hands they rub thumbs too just like people in love! They even started calling the house their home. I think Chakotay already had feelings for the Captain, and I think Janeway was simply, for the first time, allowing herself to let go and feel something. It was kind of sad when Tuvok called with their rescue. You see Chakotay talk a gulp of air with a true expression of sadness on his face. He knew it was over right there.

Favorite part: The whole episode. I am a big fan. Beltran actually gets a chance to act, and he is obviously more comfortable with the role of leading man, and we get to see Janeway as Janeway; not the Captain! They have great clothes, props, etc. The acting was superb and there were many subtle physical actions that really spiced up the scenes. It was also an interesting follow up to Tuvix. In Tuvix Janeway kind of gives in to her emotions when she decides to save Tuvok and Neelix and in this episode Tuvok does the same. It was an emotional decision to some degree. It may have been a bit of a common sense, based on the crews’ well-being mumbo jumbo, but in the end it was based on a feeling. He disobeyed; Tuvok disobeyed Janeway in order to save her and Chakotay even though he was rather certain they were falling into a trap. Is Tuvok’s decision correct, or by the same arguments did he fail even though it resulted in a happy ending—(for everyone but Chakotay).

Least favorite part: I have questions: If Voyager was made to be a generational ship can Janeway fraternize with senior staff or is she still off limits? What are the relationship rules on a generational ship?
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