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Re: How Excited are You about Star Trek Into Darkness?

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Just a simple discussion thread.

Are you extremely excited, somewhat excited, in the middle, not excited at all but will see it eventually or are not interested in Into Darkness at all?
I'm looking forward to it but not "excited" yet. I'll get that way once I see the first teaser.

The family tradition is that I always see the first showing of all Trek movies with my dad (and recently my 13-yr old niece -- they're the two Trekkies in the household other than yours truly).

My dad is 85. In okay health but still... so I pretty much want this movie to be released yesterday. I think he's more excited about it than I am right now.
Excellent!! Now that really is good medicine!!

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And the Star Trek daily calendar is back for 2013, too.
I picked this up on Thursday night. Looks the same format as previous years. But... I was surprised it was quotes and info only - no pictures!
I am absolutely flummoxed by this news.

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What! No pictures?!
I doubt mine was a misprint.
I doubt it, too. I just cannot understand why they would not include photos. I was going to order it for my desk at work - but not any more.
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