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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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I however am just a frail human of short lifespan. Having an actor/actress get into the mindset to portray an orientation that is abnormal for them is one thing,they get paid for it.
We the audience on the other hand dont. and if we are already prepped with knowledge it is us who have to make adjustments. ..I go to a movie/watch a TV show to be entertained , Suspension of disbelief is already inherent in watching any star trek offering.I personally dont like trying to make my mind even blanker than it already is .
Okay, I have to ask. What if you know that an actor is actually married to someone else when he's romancing his lovely co-star onscreen? Are you able to suspend your disbelief then? Or do you find that distracting as well?

"Ohmigod! Tom Hanks is cheating on Rita Wilson with Meg Ryan!"

How is this different? Who Quinto is dating in real life doesn't matter. He's playing Spock, not himself.

Look at it this way: Why is it easier to accept a human playing an alien than a gay actor playing straight?
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