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Re: Yet Another Rewatch Thread...

I am into season 4 on my watching..however my reviews have not started on season 3


"The Search" Part 1

First off, the crew gets the Defiant, which was very smart for writing, as it allows the entire crew to sometimes go exploring off the station without resorting to having a Delta of Runabouts, I always liked the sub-commander, shame they didn't make her a reoccurring character.

Odo gets upset about a starfleet officer getting in his security job (The great Lieutenant Commander Michael Eddington), then they crew tramps off to find the founders, are attacked, and we have one of the better action sequences in trek so far (TNG didn't do good action sequences.) Kira wakes up with Odo next to her, landing on a small world. Odo finds his long lost race, of course, we know that this race will be founders, or the anti-founders, but anyways...

7.5 out of 10

"The Search" Part 2

Odo finds out his race is the founders, and there is a fun, conspiracy episode where everything is wrong. It is revealed that the crew was kidnapped and put into a simulation to discover how they would act. Fun stuff, of course, leads to the question, "When did the simulation start?" which is not clearly answered, but it is still a fun start.

8.5 out of 10

"The House of Quark"

Combining a Klingon episode and Ferengi episode? That is ripe for disaster, but it works. Gilka is kinda cute, for a Klingon, and there is some humor as it is the Ferengi meeting the Klingon culture, but this is not a great episode.

the O'Brian family issues is well done, I think it works better to make is wife as being mostly away, or make her a common regular, and it worked better making her mostly away.

6 out of 10


Dax has some "Symbote" issues, which means she almost dies and exposes the trills as covering up stuff. I guess I could rant and go over the confusing role of the trills, which went from a odd one off episode species, to one of the pillars of the federation, and your head hurts unless you think the TNG Trill is another species then the DS9 Trill.

Kinda like the Phyco killer past of Dax, but the episode has a issue, its kinda boring. This is episode no 50

5 out of 10

"Second Skin"

This is a good episode, and I think it would of been better if it was unclear genetic wise if Kira background would be forever hazy, but she just accepted that she was Bajorian, then that it was all a Order plot. Of course, Garak is involved, and is awesome.

I also always heard that Nana V. Hated the makeup...

6.5 out of 10

“The Abandoned”

Quark buys scrap from our fave female freighter captain prior to Kasidy, and finds a baby in it, the baby is a Jem'Hadar. The entire plot feels like exposision on the Jem'Hadar instead of a plot line. The B-plot, that Jake has landed a hot Dabo girl kept me liking the episode a little, and I think this girl was more curious then say, Leeta. Or a darker plot where Starfleet puts the kid in stasis and flies off with him.

4 out of 10

"Civil Defense"

I love this episode..

a minor issue sets off a old security feature, which leads to rising issues till everyone is facing a bad situation. This would of been better as a season 1 episode, but it still a hoot, and the replicated weapon in the replicator blasting away causes me to laugh each time .

I guess I not going to nitpick this episode, it is too much fun.

7 out of 10


When I think of crappy DS9 episodes, this is the episode that comes to mind, however, it is not the worse episode. However, it is bad when you have Tiron want to have a Holosuite program of Kira, while creepy as heck, is slightly less creepy then Dax falling for a nobody guy on the magical planet main plot. However this is a crappy episode, even if Tiron saves it from being the worse episode.

3 out of 10


This episode is darn fine, Riker's alter Ego from TNG comes on board, steals the Defiant, and much hilarity ensues,

Ok, just joking.

This is a fun episode, where the Marquis strike again, this time stealing a ship, and exposing a major fleet build up. It is a shame they never revisited the ending.

7.5 out of 10


This is not a bad episode, but one that I dislike. It is a Farce that I just don't like, I guess it juvenile to me. But it almost works...

5 out of 10

"Past Tense" part 1

they get thrown back into time, (time travel alert) and Dax is sent to the high class society, and the "Darkies" of our commander and doctor are sent to the homeless camps. A good man named Bell tries to protect the commander and doctor, and is killed, and the timeline changes.

So, the commander takes up the dead guys ID, There will be riots.

Good episode, but as subtle as a brick though a window.

6 out of 10

"Past Tense" part 2

The crew fixes the time issue and Bell ID is placed on a dead man. All is fixed. however, it is fun to watch, and a fun episode.

7.5 out of 10

"Life Support "

you know his comment is coming...

This episode is so boring, that I needed life support to stay awake. Though I feel bad for Kira, though it does open the Jake/Kira Shipping that we all know is the best way forward.

4 out of 10
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