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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

Just a few more thoughts n btw I rearely use quotes in threads , it gets very he said, she said and paragraphs get cut ever smaller.

STXI according to opinions/some opinions is not a prequel but merely an alternative /coexisting universe of "star trek OS,the early years" or an "artists impression " of same.

These timelines coexisting universes may at some future point blend, and if in XII or XIII Spock's relationship with Uhura becomes akin to TOS.. this may have occured pre production...

Obviously unless there is actual time travel going on and Star Trek is real there wont be an evidentiary romantic liason between Spock and Uhura imprinted on recordings of TOS, I-VI or Gene Roddenbury's space dust so the timeline blend cant be backdated.

I am not an extreme "Trekker" :0.
I dont do any Sheldon moments in rl such as "He tasks me and I shall have him" nor do I have any "KHAAAAAAAN" bumper stickers(yet)

I do however have an affection for the original series/movies(except I of course ptooie . "Nostalgia aint what it used to be" etc.

Im not interested in plotholes as long as they arent too glaring, or a communicator being not the original one as seen in episode 29, or it being in the lh in one scene and the RH the next .
Im just interested in me /my enjoyment "as a paying customer/audience.

In that contect the S/U STXI relationship,didnt spoil the movie at the time.but it will if it continues as alternative timeline/artists impression/disclaimer this is how gene really meant things to be.

I didnt find anything else glaring well Spock's earth mother kicking the bucket and the whole planet being no longer extent is kind of a knotty one , but with a lil adept time travel/we allways have called our home planet vulcan..even tho it isnt the original, Spocks mothers essence captured with a quickie transfer off camera and so on anything is possible.

My core opinion tho is on the relationship between the "regular cast" members both past and present remaining the same. Ok so we now have an extra older version of 1 cast member who may or may not appear in STXII.

The rl sexual preference of actors and actresses should of course in no way affect the roles they play/are offered (even if they have "come out" after they are locked in to a role.
Just a lil cynical side thought there

I however am just a frail human of short lifespan. Having an actor/actress get into the mindset to portray an orientation that is abnormal for them is one thing,they get paid for it.
We the audience on the other hand dont. and if we are already prepped with knowledge it is us who have to make adjustments. ..I go to a movie/watch a TV show to be entertained , Suspension of disbelief is already inherent in watching any star trek offering.I personally dont like trying to make my mind even blanker than it already is

There was another franchise of antipodean origin, a Wizard of greyish hue .
In rl he is of a slightly pinker hue. This was well known as he had been in the open for quite some time.
Did it affect my suspension of disbelief /enjoyment of the productions, no.
He was both older(not much portrayal of older romance and rumpy pumpy in movies) and had no "should they be together or not"in one of your favorite franchises female co star.
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