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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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Ah, this is solely about trashing Elementary as an imaginary vindication of Sherlock.
Not even remotely. I don't think Sherlock needs "vindication," and I'd be very happy if Elementary and Sherlock were both excellent and enjoyable shows. I don't have any need to pit them against each other. Why would I? I want good, enjoyable TV, and if both shows are good and enjoyable, that's better for me as a viewer than if one of them is a disappointment.

I don't want to "trash" Elementary. I sincerely hope it gets better. As I've already said twice in this thread, the quality of a pilot doesn't necessarily reflect the quality of the show that follows. A lot of shows have weak pilots and get stronger as they progress, although some go the opposite direction. So it would be premature to either embrace or write off the show based on the pilot alone. Elementary's pilot was underwhelming and a bit dull, but I like the idea of it enough that I hope it gets better. But it will have to get better in order to hold onto me as a viewer.
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