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Re: will star trek ever return to prime universe?

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I honestly can't think of a single movie or tv franchise that reverted back to a previous continuity after being rebooted.
Rise of the Planet of the Apes sort of does (though it sort of reboots it too). It's certainly closer to the original movie continuity than the Burton remake. Then again, I'll happily forget any of the original Apes sequel movies.
I think RISE is basically a second attempt at a reboot, with some fun "easter egg" homages to the original series. I don't remember any mention of experimental brain medications in the original films, plus there's the fact that CONQUEST had the apes revolting in the "futuristic" 1990s!

(Hmm. The apes revolted around the same time as the Eugenics Wars. Boy, that sounds like a fanfic waiting to be written!)
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