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Considering how fast Genesis forms, it is a far more logical and easier explanation that the Genesis-wave re-formed Regula.
No, it is not easier and more logical at all you are saying that the wave magically traveled to a planet that was pretty far from the detonation point and at what seemed to be light speed for some unexplained reason and still had the energy to completely reform it into a planet capable of supporting life.
The damaged Enterprise reaches the Nebula pretty fast. It's not that far away.
but far away enough at the speed the wave would likely be traveling that it couldn't have reached and reformed the planet as fast as it did in the film.

Plus you have yet to explain just why the genesis wave would zero in on that particular planet.

Besides, remember the shockwave in TUC?
Same author, same director.
That shockwave travels a far greater distance in a pretty short time.
It was a shockwave from an exploding moon that may or may not have been subspace based not an energy wave that reforms a planet, it's apples and oranges
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