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Re: Nicholas Meyer Can't Save 'Battlestar Galactica'

Originally posted by Eric Cartman of Borg:
battlestar galactica sucks
Even if you think the old show sucked (and a lot of it did, I'll grant you), what makes you think the new one was doomed to fail automatically.

A lot of the original two-hour episodes of Galactica were very fun (not surprising, as Galactica was only supposed to be a Columbo-esque series of occasional TV-movies, not a weekly series, until ABC rushed the project into weekly production) and I don't think the fundamental concept is that horrible at all. All they really needed to do was get rid of the ridiculous episodes like the ones where Apollo crash-lands on a planet and becomes sheriff and the Towering Inferno rip-off and have more big, mytholgical/war episodes, like War of the Gods, The Living Legend, and the pilot. I'm sure the new version would've done that, and more...

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