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Re: Nicholas Meyer Can't Save 'Battlestar Galactica'

Originally posted by Apollo:
I really do not understand that weird American TV market!
Well, someone once explained it to me as "Jews & Screws." I thought it was rather oversimplified, if not crude. But this is what Hollywood is not: Catholic, hetrosexual, Republican, or anything else I am. The funniest irony is that the Hollywood movers and shakers claim to be the crowd of tolerance, yet their grand ideologies seem to find little hold in Hollywood reality. (Did I just say Hollywood is filled with a bunch of discriminatory, intolerant people? Well, sometimes I wish they would be a little more discriminatory - especially when it comes whatever behind-the-scenes action equates lines, roles, and fame to bad actresses that happen to sleep with the producer!

I think in the case of Battlestar Galactica, the move was attempted so easily because it's a different "20th Century Fox" in the 21st Century, and Fox has a whole new game plan and team than they did when eloping with the likes of CBS, Sony, and others. Universal seems to be the most steadfast and consistent studio, intensely loyal to their employees past and present. I am a huge fan of Universal, and have been for some time. It's hard to believe it, but Paramount Pictures was once run by the likes of Barry Diller and Michael Eisner, and in those days Star Trek was made with a much different mindset than it is with Oscar K. & Co. running things. I find it strange that the group at LucasFilm who stole "Tractor Beams" and other famous phrases from Star Trek had the audacity to sue the producers of Battlestar Galactica - and even as I found the stories to be typical Universal nonsense (I said I liked their style, not their shows), on balance I thought Battlestar Galactica was miles above Star Wars.
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