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John Sullivan
Re: Nicholas Meyer Can't Save 'Battlestar Galactica'

Battlestar Galactica without Lorne Green seems a little like Star Trek without William Shatner.

Whoops ...

I am pretty neutral on the subject because I never saw very many episodes, and the ones that I did see reused stock footage where once was good enough.

FYI for anybody into Battlestar Galactica: Check out the #1 fan's website, Charles Adams who runs a really good website - this guy has been on top of all of the Galactica developments.

I am surprised that Meyer couldn't save Galactica. I haven't seen The Director's Edition of Star Trek - the Motion Picture - and the lack of reviews or comments about it seem to make me believe it wasn't all that. But Meyer saved Star Trek from Star Trek I - and again in Star Trek VI from Star Trek V. Maybe what Galactica needs is one really terrible movie first without Meyer, so he can come in and make it a box office success!

I'm still a little pissed at Meyer for blowing up Kansas City in "The Day After." Ra ra Jay Hawks!

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