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Re: Disappointing DVD releases

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^ I always assumed that there wouldn't have to be *that* much done to TMP to qualify it for Blu-Ray release. The effects would have to be 're-rendered'. What exactly does this involve? Not doing them all over again from scratch, I take it. Re-rendering, isn't that a bit like re-compiling a computer program?
Yes, but you have to meet several criteria for it to be applicable:

1) You need to have the original source files. (With the death of Foundation Imaging, they may have been lost.)
They aren't lost. Daren Dochterman said, that he still has the files and keeps them ready for an HD-release of the Director's Cut.

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2) You need to have the version of the software used to create the files, or they need to open trouble-free in newer versions of it.
Lightwave can still open files from years ago without problems.

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3) The source models need to have enough detail in them to be suitable for HD resolutions.
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