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Re: will star trek ever return to prime universe?

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Bullshit. Trek is an optimistic sci-fi franchise in which humankind has defeated hunger, poverty, war and united to explore space, meet new people and encounter new challenges ... and no, there wasn't any paradigm shift between TOS and TNG. You cannot play the postmodern game of "Trek is whatever you want it to be" unless you confuse preferences with facts. There aren't any famines on Earth or any Imperial Federation warships cruising the Klingon border.
Gene Rodenberry himself admitted he was a revisionist. He altered the premises of Star Trek when it suited him. No money/no poverty/no war, all of that came later, when TOS became huge in syndication.

Here's what Star Trek is, from the first draft pitch in 1964...
Gene Rodenberry wrote:

A one-hour dramatic television series.

Action - Adventure - Science Fiction.

The first such concept with strong central lead characters plus other continuing regulars.


STAR TREK is a "Wagon Train" concept -- built around characters who travel to worlds "similar" to our own, and meet the action-adventure-drama which becomes our stories.
Click here for the full pitch.
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