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Re: The Genesis planet...

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"Instead of a dead moon a living, breathing planet."
Because the Presentation Tape was a simulation, made years earlier, of how the effect might work when directed at a dead moon. But, spurred on by the success with the Genesis Cave within Regula, Reliant's crew had been asked to find a "completely lifeless" planet.
No, in the presentation simulation they turned "a dead moon" into a "living, breathing planet".

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The script states that the effect we see is "the 'Genesis Effect' WE SAW in its earliest experiments, now seems familiar on a gigantic, cosmic scale. The blinding flash at first, followed by the same tumbling turbulence of the miniature test. It is awesome."
To bad the film doesn't show us that.

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The torpedo was not meant to be detonated inside a nebula.
Who said something else?

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The wave was not constrained and its effects were bigger and unpredictable.
Yes, it could still reach Regula.

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Another thought: if Regula was simply transformed, why not keep calling it Regula, instead of "The Genesis Planet"?
Perhaps because it became the culmination of the Genesis Project when the Genesis Device's explosion turned it from a "great rock in space" into a "living planet". (But really, you'd have to ask Harve Bennett.)

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What are Klingons doing poking around Regula, presumably in Federation space; doesn't it make more sense that they are trying to check out why a huge nebula disappeared?
Have you seen Star Trek III?
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