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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

HappyDayRiot wrote: View Post
Shaytan - always good to see a thumping win over the bigger sides.
Especially against Marseille but I'm biased

Are you concerned PSG are just going to romp to the title now though? After the first three games where they looked like a complete shambles, they seem to be hammering everyone in sight these last couple of weeks. Ominous for this season and more to come? Will anyone do a Montpellier and stop them (because Montpeillier certainly won't on current form, sadly).
As a parisian, no I'm not concerned
But it's still only the beginning of the year and everything can happen. There is always some surprise after the winter break.

On sunday, it's Marseille against Paris, the 1st of the Ligue 1 against the 2nd and THE French clasico. And because it's not enough : PSG-Marseille on the next round of the Coupe de la ligue.
Not on strike.

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