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Re: will star trek ever return to prime universe?

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I don't really see the upside to going back to the old continuity at some later date, especially as time goes by and the previous cycle of Trek shows fades into the misty recesses of memory, at least as far as the general public is concerned.
Yeah, in that regard it's not really the same as Terminator. They wanted to ignore T3 because it wasn't well received. But that same reasoning couldn't really exist for Star Trek. I suppose if the creators of a new series themselves didn't care for it, it'd be possible, but that's probably unlikely. It doesn't really need a "deboot."

If anything, I think it could possibly happen as a result of wanting to go back to see the next gen crews, or paying tribute to the hundreds of hours of established Trek history from before. I'm sure that the latest movie increased the sales of other Star Trek DVDs, but I wonder if a series that is unaffected by those old shows would have that same effect. If what happened in those series is inconsequential to the new one, what reason would there be to follow it?

I'm sort of torn on the issue. While I'd love for them to keep on going with the old continuity, it was getting bloated with each iteration. But most reboots aren't really going to fix that problem either. It's like defragging a hard drive because it's just going to get cluttered up again.
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