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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

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Oh God, he really isn't. He's a low-selling, paceless, one-move-of-doom embarrassment to the form. Seems to exist just to remind that it could be worse than Cena.
I'll agree with you that this is how it's essentially been in the last few months. However, Sheamus has shown that he's not completely paceless and devoid of talent.

Compared to Cena, Sheamus hasn't quite crapped on the art of wrestling, but he could go there if he continues to wrestle quickfire, unenthusiastic, and TV style matches.

John Cena hasn't made any effort to improve as an in-ring performer, since his promotion to the main event in 04/05. In the first few months of his first reign as WWE Champion, Cena received criticism due to his terrible punches. From 07-09, he was carried through choice encounters by Edge, RVD, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Batista, Chris Jericho and Randy Orton. It wasn't until 08/09, that we got to see how poor Cena really could be in the ring.

In the last couple of years, Cena has completely toned back on his moveset (which wasn't particularly that extensive, to begin with). His matches consist of the same routines, with very little deviation from the norm, or innovation. He relies on minimal offence, strung together with non-consistent selling (ie, if the heel spends the entire match working on a limb of a face, then the face should continue to sell the effects of that, even during their atypical babyface comeback and the conclusion of the match - Cena either doesn't or does with diminished enthusiasm, along with the "injuries" not impacting upon him executing certain moves) and superhuman comebacks (check out the finish of the Nexus Summerslam match in 2010 and the match against Miz at Over The Limit 2011).

When pushed, against a superior opponent such as CM Punk, Shawn Michaels or Edge, Cena will pull out unfamiliar holds (to him) such as the abdominal stretch, armbars, the crossface, armdrags, dropkicks and the odd aerial move. The trouble is, Cena is clearly out of his comfort zone when trying to wrestle like this, and is prone to make small, but noticeable cock ups. His dropkicks, in particular, are sloppily executed, due to his sheer muscle mass.

The biggest thing by far, is his inability to properly apply an STF. He has surely got to be aware of how sloppily he applies it, and the fact that there is such a noticeable gap between the opponents head and his "locked" arms, that there is no way in hell that he could be perceived as applying any kind of real pressure. Lou Thesz must be spinning in his grave!

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^ He's also living proof that it's rarely what you know as a performer that gets you a push, it's who you know.
Very true, although I doubt it's all down to Sheamus being gym buddies with Triple H. Vince has always shown fondness for Irish stuff (Vince's ancestary is Irish), particularly with Irish names (Hogan was McMahon's idea, attributed to his Irish affinity). I can imagine Vince feeling like he'd hit the jackpot when a tall, large framed, bona fide Irish man came looking for a job.
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