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Otherwise for the week, we've got Fail Safe (1964) at noon Monday...
They aired that one a few weeks ago. After seeing that I decided to get the 2000 remake with George Clooney and an all-star cast. That too was shot in black & white and had pretty much the same sets and dialogue.
And, most significantly, was performed live, the first live play for television in decades (though a few half-hour or hour shows dabbled in the occasional live episode, including an ER episode that was also done at Clooney's behest). It was Clooney's tribute to the golden age of live TV and an experiment to see if it could still work. Unfortunately it didn't catch on.

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I'm trying to remember something I read about the original Mummy movie-- maybe that it originally wasn't even a Mummy, but more of an immortal being, like Richard Anderson in Night Strangler. I'll have to research when I get a minute....
I did read on Wikipedia that the original treatment for the film was called Cagliostro and was about "a 3000-year-old magician who survives by injecting nitrates." But when it was assigned to screenwriter John Balderston, who had covered the opening of King Tut's tomb as a journalist and contributed to the Dracula and Frankenstein scripts, he reworked it into the form we know.
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