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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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Not going to get around to reading that anytime soon, in the meantime I read the Typhon Pact books last years so I went ahead and started "Plagues of Night".

About 65 pages into it and Im enjoying it so far. I did have a question though, and maybe Im asking too soon as I might get the answer as I read on but does this book take place during the other Typhone Pact books or after. I know it has to be after Rough Beasts of the Empire but where does it fall with Zero Sum Game, Seize the Fire, Paths of Disharmony and CLB's ebook?
Plagues of Night largely overlaps and unites the previous TP books. Basically the order of the TP books is:

Rough Beasts of Empire
Zero Sum Game Ch. 1-2
Plagues of Night Prologue-Ch. 6
ZSG Ch. 3-end; Seize the Fire (roughly simultaneous but unconnected)
PoN Ch. 7-9
Paths of Disharmony
PoN Ch. 10-12
The Struggle Within
PoN Ch. 13-Epilogue
Raise the Dawn

(I'm not sure where Brinkmanship falls, but I think it's after RtD.)

However, it mainly connects to Rough Beasts of Empire, Zero Sum Game, and Paths of Disharmony, with no significant links to the others.
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