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Re: How did the Nero, his crew and ship escape Rura Penthe?

ST2 involves the KNZ, not the RNZ.
Never stated in the movie. But the NZ is the one next to Gamma Hydra, which according to "The Deadly Years" is the Romulan one.

The same is true for the Kelvin sequence of STXI, if the script on IMSDB is any indication.
Scripts never are.

Though the plotline was essentially excised from the final film, we know that originally the Klingon prison planet was involved because Nero's people were supposed to be breaking out of it. Then they go to Spock's arrival point, a new location, because they're waiting for Spock.
...And when they cut the scenes, they totally changed the film. So now Nero meets Spock first (the telltale storm in space is reported at "22 hours"), and only then fights the Klingons (an incident reported at "23 hours"). The jailbreak storyline is gone for good. Never happened, never could have happened, in the film we got.

the Hobus star was in Romulan space, not in the RNZ.
Not stated anywhere. Indeed, we have no authentic knowledge of the name of the star, either, but that's immaterial.

All the movie involves is "a star" that "explodes", "goes supernova", after which Spock saves the day by creating a black hole that "would absorb the exploding star", which he accomplishes by "extract[ing] the red matter and shoot[ing] it into the supernova". So Spock is saying that the black hole is where the supernova is (although not necessarily where the star was, because those are two different things after the supernova has been allowed to expand enough) - but never saying where this all takes place exactly. Nothing precludes the Romulan Neutral Zone, which is a short hop from the planet Romulus as per the "Balance of Terror" map.

I heard from someone that there's a deleted scene where Ayel comes in to give Nero a report partway through the movie, and the camera cuts to Nero's back, and we see the prosthetic ear being lowered onto his head before he turns and asks Ayel to give his report.

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