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the gun Nichols was carrying. Why does it unfold like that?
Because it looks cool?
Well obviously. It's just one of those things that look cool until you wonder what the point of it is.

And as far as the cast goes, re: Judge Death... they're getting the job done. I can buy Erik Knudsen as some socially inept technical wiz (is it just me or does he look kinda like Frankie Muniz?), I can buy Victor Webster as the male rugged cop guy probable romantic lead, and Rachel Nichols is solid as the ass-kicking future cop. They're recognizable TV types, executed pretty well.

I suppose the only weak link this episode for me cast-wise was Omari Newton, who got just a little hammy in his self-satisfied explanation to Kiera what was going on.

But again, this really was a pretty good start. It could be the best sci-fi pilot I've seen since Caprica, to be honest... not that that is a competitive field.
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