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Re: Can Capitalism be replaced ?

Capitalism can't be reformed. Every partial stabilization within a single country is undermined by changes in world economy. Capitalism as a world system cannot be made into a true global polity withou creating a global empire because capitalists rely on their national state to defend their property, which means repress the workers. The clash of nations advancing their bourgeoisie's interests is called "war." Between this murderous imperative and capitalism's inability to either regulate population or to rationalize its ecological interventions, the continued triumph of capitalism will lead to new forms of barbarism.

Also, China is heading both for a major economic collapse and a ferocious civil war that will kill millions. No doubt this will be regarded as a small, small price to pay. Anti-Communists have always regarded the deaths of millions in their crusade with great self-satisfaction.
The people of this country need regime change here, not abroad.
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