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Trill: Unjoined

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How is Trill: Unjoined? I've been wanting to read the Worlds of DS9 series for a while now, and will hopefully have them by the time I reach the DS9 relaunch.
In reading, I'm currently at ca. 79% into the book and I enjoy it a lot! The world and civilization as presented here is irreconcilable with its representation in Star Trek RPG: Worlds but it is also much more interesting.

The plot is the vehicle that allows to delve into Trill culture and history. I realized how much they were like Humans, except for their sexy spots. However, their symbionts have a unique impact on their history.

In short, I like it. The plot is solid, the revealed secrets exciting and it has Dax in it. M.A.M. and A.M. had been an excellent writing duo. Back then.

Why am I reading it? Trill: Unjoined is among the latest releases in Germany, so everything DS9-R after it is still completely new to me. I've also read Cardassia: The Lotus Flower. I've not yet read Andor: Paradigm - at the moment, I can't stand the Andorians because they became evil.
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