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To the contrary, nothing in the movie(s) gives support to the idea that Genesis would be capable of creating planets out of nothingness. That's neither what it was created for, nor what it was credited for.
When did anyone say it created the planet out of nothing? You clearly see the nebula vanishing in the movie, so the Genesis device is creating the planet out of the nebula!

The device has exacting requirements that keep a starship occupied in an ultimately fruitless search for what sounds like months at least. It's not going to mutate itself into a different device altogether (not unless itself struck by another Genesis device at least ).
A different device? Who says it did that?

Carol Marcus's own proposal tape says that the device is intended to be used on a "lifeless space body; a moon or other dead form." Her exact words. A nebula would certainly count as a lifeless space body, yes? She then goes on to say, "Matter is reorganized, with life-generating results." Again, this shows that the device can reorganize matter, so why is it impossible for it to reorganize nebula matter?

Well, given that Regula is clearly not inside the nebula, and given that the detonation of the Genesis Device happens within the nebula, how could the planetoid be caught in its effects?
Why should this be a problem? We never get any indication that the nebula would for be a barrier for the Genesis wave in any manner. Obviously, it is going to reach Kirk's starship unless Kirk goes to warp - so just as obviously, it's going to reach a planetoid that Kirk only very recently departed at damaged impulse.

Timo Saloniemi
I never said that the nebula gas would be a barrier. The DISTANCE is the barrier. The Mutara Nebula was far enough away from Regula that we never saw it when the Enterprise was at the planetoid. And even when the Enterprise approaches it, you can still see the whole thing on the screen - bear in mind that nebulas are very big, so the Enterprise would still have been quite a long way from it.

And finally, the Enterprise only has four minutes to escape. They can't go very far in four minutes limited to Impulse speed. However, the journey to the nebula could easily have taken quite a bit longer. We saw the crew of the Enterprise preparing the ship for battle, and obviously it will take them some time to do that.

So exactly how big a blast radius do you think the Genesis device has?
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