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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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I like pictures, so I'll add to some of the nice pictures they've taken together (as friends).

Zoe is so gorgeous.
Zachary is hot, his Spock is sexy as hell and he wasn't even trying. Spock FTW in every.version.
But Zoe stole my attention a bit.

I can't even...

If you listen to the commentary it seems that JJ has a crush on her
here's his commentary of this part (I found online in a transcript):
"Watch Zoe's eyes right here. There are two things in particular that blow my mind about her in this movie. Right here. That little thing she does right there, -it just says so much to me. -It says she loves him. And you just see there's a whole inner life going on. I mean, she's amazing."

(on the other hand, everyone knows that Damon Lindeloff is secretly in love with Chris Pine )
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