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Re: Movie Caption Contest #224: Back and forth...

"The helicopter will be added in post," said Patrick Stewart of this exclusive first footage from the new James Bond-esque action thriller I've Seen Everything written, produced, directed by and starring Stewart himself. When queried about what this scene could be about, Stewart elaborated: "I have to go to Iraq, to rescue these hostages. And I get there and I rescue them, but they're all women and they're naked because their clothes have rotted off. But I get them into the helicopter, and I'm flying the helicopter, but I can still sneak a look in the mirror and I can see everything, you know. One of them's bending over, two of them are kissing..." The film, also starring Ricky Gervais, is due in theaters just in time for the holiday season...

RIKER: We're going to steal a ship? That ship?
PICARD: Commandeer. We're going to commandeer that ship. Nautical term.

GEORDI: Look everyone! A butterfly in the sky!
TROI: I can go twice as high.
GEORDI: Take a look!
COCHRANE: (confused)
RIKER: Relax Doc. It's in a book.
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