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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

That's a great schedule. I've seen most of them and have many on DVD, but I'm looking forward to seeing The Reptile and Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake. There's also a 1936 comedy on Friday morning called Mummy's Boys that I want to see.

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Oh, a quick bit of research confirms that the screenplay of The Mummy was written by John Balderston, the co-writer of the original Broadway stage adaptation of Dracula, and who also contributed to the screenplay of the Lugosi movie.

So any similarities to Dracula are hardly coincidental!
I'm trying to remember something I read about the original Mummy movie-- maybe that it originally wasn't even a Mummy, but more of an immortal being, like Richard Anderson in Night Strangler. I'll have to research when I get a minute....
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