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Re: Are vulcans biologically smarter than humans?

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The 'brain wiring' is something that I'm arguing to be over 95% environmental, whereas genetics play a minor part.
One of the most easily seen examples of "brain wiring" would be being either right or left handed, an attribute that has nothing to do with environment.

Because of brain architecture, man are better with spatial recognition and awareness. The primary visual, and visuo-spatial association areas of the parietal lobes are proportionally larger in males.

Women's brains are more densely packed with neurons than men's. Women's brains have larger Wernicke's and Broca's areas, areas that are responsible for language processing. The auditory regions are proportionally larger in females versus in males

The hippocampus is larger in women than men, the hippocampus is responsible for memory storage and spatial mapping of the physical environment.

Men have six times more grey matter, women have ten times more white matter. One species, two radically differntly "hardwired" brains.

Intelligence wouldn't be a genetic factor, but rather environmental one that hinges heavily/entirely on ones exposure to relevant education, experiences and knowledge
Your intelligence is what you're born with, it's wired in. Now your right on one aspect, education and environment can increase or decrease you ability to utilize and manifest your intelligence. But nothing will increase or decrease your actual intelligence, other than perhaps a brain injury of some kind.

you cannot expect them to score remotely close to 'average'
If you were to receive no education at all, your intelligence would be the same. You wouldn't be able to measure it with say a IQ test, but it would be there.

The blank slate aspect works well in this regard because, how exactly do you expect of a person to comprehend anything unless they were exposed to concepts that would allow them to create a frame of reference that would begin to even come close?
That's not intelligence, that's knowledge and experience.

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