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Re: Am I A Freak Image Thread

Actually, this character, K'tharr Rauthimas (yeah, rather pretentious sounding, so we'll just call her K'th), predated Mzzkiti by nearly 14 years (or 12 years years if one counts the earlier incarnation, M'Iskiti). Though a few elements of K'th (design-wise and some personailty traits) worked their way into Mzzkiti.

And, ah, no; she isn't wearing pants. She kinda' falls under the unwritten "law" of Hanna-Barbera "funny animal" logic; if she wears at least one or two items of clothing accessories, say, a hat or a tie, then she isn't really naked.

One feature I've yet to incorporate into this polygonal version is her "pectoral ruff", a valentine heart shaped of "fluff" positioned upon her upper chest. An apt equivalent might be what Renamon of "Digimon Tamers" sports, though not quite so massive.

Back in the day, I thought K'th was pretty cool, maybe even unique...until I finally went on-line in '97. Then I discovered just how generic a concept she was. That deflated my ego a bit, no doubt a good thing. But though she's just one cat-girl in a clowder of thousands, she's my cat-girl!


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