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Re: Are vulcans biologically smarter than humans?

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So is it bigoted to say that human men are generally physically stronger than women too?
There are strong women, and there are weak men. So you tell me.
The overwhelming majority of men are stronger than the overwhelming majority of women.
You are grasping at straws, appealing to exceptions, NOT the rule.

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If vulcans are smarter than humans
That has not been established.

then saying or believing exactly this is neither illogical, not bigoted. Why? Because it's the TRUTH.
Something tells me that line of reasoning has been used before...
Something tells me that's a straw-man.

The Vulcan educational system may indeed be superior to ours. Given what little we've seen of it (Spock's training in ST XI, for example), I'll concede that. But I won't concede that all Vulcans are smarter than humans. There is wide variation in individuals of every species.
I'm curious - what if it's established that vulcans ARE smarter than humans - no ambiguity remaining?

Will you still hide behind grasping at straws and hair-splitting in order to avoid acknowledging this fact, merely because it doesn't sit well with your PC assumptions?

PS - The educational system is a distant secondary factor in determining intelligence/IQ.
By far, the most important factor is the genetics - and yes, I know you don't like this, but it is so.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton
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