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Re: Can Capitalism be replaced ?

Could advances in technology result in a new techno-economic system?
Not unless that technology is creating a finished product out of thin air i.e. press a button and there's your house, press another button and there's your car, press another and there's dinner.

Technology has only seemed to make capitalism and stronger economic system.

Could a nature based based green economic system replaced capitalism?
Only if you mean hunter gatherer, tribal society, where we walk around in animal skins, pick berries, and live in a straw hut.

Could a new and dynamic form of socialism replace capitalism?
Only if it's radically different than the communism and socialism we've seen in the past.
Someone might ask "what is the difference between Socialism and Communism" the best answer I ever heard was given by a speaker for The John Burch Society "A communist is a socialist in a hurry."
I've noticed socialists are quick to denounce communism, and swear they're nothing alike. Unfortunately, it feels like when a member of the KKK denounces Nazism, and swears the Klan and Nazi's are nothing alike. And sure there are differences, just none that make a difference.

Could there be a economic system in the future that could replace Capitalism?
Is there anything in the future that could replace Capitalism?
Those are the same questions. And the answer to both are "Maybe. Who knows what the future holds."
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