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Help! I'm on the Wildlife Preserves mission where I have to get into the holding cells to rescue Bloodwing. I get to the entrance where the map marker is... but there's no way to enter the door! I wandered around a good 10 minutes looking for something. What the hell am I supposed to do to get the door open???
I did that mission a few days ago... I'm not exactly sure which part of the map you're talking about (there are quite a few doors). Are there any switches around?

Anyway, I suggest you look up a walkthrough of the mission on YouTube and see if you're missing something.

Speaking of B2... I'm now at level 30 and I've done most of the side missions (93 or so). I also managed to get seven gold keys (for the golden chest in Sanctuary) through Shift. Man I got a couple of seriously awesome guns that way.
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