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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Finally finished "Crime and Punishment" (enough of that) by Dostoevsky. On a similar theme, I am now reading "The Patrian Transgression" (ST-TOS #69) by Simon Hawke (does get honored with a character on "First Contact"?). Also, in this novel, one finds two ships: "Sir, we have rendezvoused with the Lexington ..." (page 12) and then: "... Mr. Scott, have the bridge inform the Intrepid ..." (page 14). Perhaps a monster that transmutates ships has changed them ... or, DTI forbid, an error has occurred in the timeline.

Oh, and, I just purchased and downloaded "Green Metropolis" by David Owen. If environmental security is about doing some kind of control over crime, accidents, waste, unethical practices, and error, then some kind of optimization and/or efficiency or even effectiveness may be required. How would 'the future' deal with this? Thanks for the book title suggested Sci.

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