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Re: why was ensign kim not promoted at all in 7 years?

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Probably because the writers and producers didn't give a crap about his character. Hell, they wanted to fire Wang halfway through the series, but that stupid People Magazine came out with their stupid "sexiest people" issue, and they fired Jennifer Lien instead.
REALLY? When did that happen?
This has been pretty well documented before. In a nutshell, Wang was showing up for work late, having a lousy attitude, etc. The producers wanted to trim the cast anyway, so they were going to fire him and kill Harry Kim off, but then People Magazine came out with their "50 most sexiest people" issue, and Wang was in it. Fearing they'd have egg on their face if they fired Wang now, they fired Lein instead.

Therin of Andor wrote: View Post Harve Bennett promised to add a scene where Kirk tells Sulu about his promotion, to captain of USS Excelsior (long before anyone knew the ship would featured in the next film)
However, I don't think that at the time, the Excelsior mentioned in that scene was supposed to be the "great experiment," but rather just a generic ship, correct?
WWhile it wouldn't surprise me that PR might have helped Wang keep his job, I have a hard time believing that it was the one thing that pushed the scales in his favor. Make no mistake the writers had long struggled with Jennifer's character, and she was the one character that wasn't really vital to the show.

Harry might have been a cypher, but his character's position is a lot more vital. And I would think that after the mess of TNG's first season (of which Berman was very much aware) not having certain characters was a significant hardship.

In fact I think if Wes would have left the ship early (say season two) I think the show (which wasn't the huge hit that it became by season 4 and five) would have pushed harder for a full time replacement of that position. I mean they did try bas Ro was conceived to fill that position, but as DS9 became a sure thing her character was meant to go there, of course the actress wanted nothing of it, so it became a moot point.
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