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Re: will star trek ever return to prime universe?

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Why not? Classic characters can always be recast . . . .

Because no one can act like Stewart or Shatner no matter how many manerisms they try to replicate. I'd never buy it, just like I didn't nuKirk. It was just alien to me.

PS. Those were all movies, and no continuity movies at that. When you see Picard in almost 200 episodes, it's a bit different from replacing shambolic Cloney with serious actor like Bale. Comic books vs Star Trek is too much like apples and oranges
Okay, what about Bond? Suppose somebody had decided decades ago that "no one can act like Connery no matter how many mannerisms they try to replicate." Should they have ditched the character back in the seventies?

Heck, Bela Lugosi was the definitive Dracula for generations, but then Christopher Lee came along, and Frank Langella, and Jack Palance, and Gary Oldman . . .

No actor is irreplaceable. And audiences have proven that they'll accept new actors in classic roles, sometimes over and over and over.

There have been six different SUPERMAN's in my lifetime. Another Kirk or Picard doesn't faze me!
Connory wasn't Bond. Bond was a book character. Anyone could interpret it however they wanted, so anyone who slightly resembles the character could pull it off. Besides, it's not a serious movie, it's just a bunch of gimmicks, who would want that for Trek? I don't think Trek characters are in the same vane as these comic book characters. Star Trek is about the future of humanity, not different people portraying Picard during the 2360's and 2370's over and over and over again. Picard is Stewart, anyone else would be a poor pale immitation.

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