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Re: why was ensign kim not promoted at all in 7 years?

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Sulu pretty much asked to be made Captain, even if it meant less screen time for him in TUC.
He didn't request to be a captain in ST VI, but was pleasantly surprised when he read the script, and that the "Hikaru" first name (from "The Entropy Effect" novel that first highlighted Sulu's loftier career aspirations). The writers knew that the promotion would appeal to the actor as something more interesting to do than piloting the ship.
This doesn't sound like a man that had no interest in being a Captain.

How did it feel to become Captain Sulu in "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country"?

"Glorious! I worked hard on that one. I lobbied and lobbied and lobbied. Finally it happened"

Also yes, he DID end up with less screentime since he wasn't with the main cast but on his own ship.
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