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Re: officers are called 'sir'

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For a while my local supermarket had a new manager and the check out girls would ask everyone, "so what have you been up to today?" and "what have you been doing this weekend?" and EVEN making specific comments on what you might be doing with the groceries you were buying.
Some of my coworkers talk like that. I fucking hate it. I wish they'd just shut the hell up already. I'd make it a workplace law if I could. "Thou shalt not bullshitteth the customers."
This manager must have been a real piece of work because for a while they ALWAYS chatted you up about what you were buying. "Oh steak for dinner?" "Wow, you must really like broccoli!" "I guess your family will be clean tonight!" (when I was buying a bunch of soap on sale).

I was soooo tempted to buy several boxes of condoms, plonk them on the counter after one of these groceries comments and say "and AFTER dinner you know what I'll be doing!"

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