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Re: How did TMP get a G rating?

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As far as I'm concerned... The transporter malfunction in ST:TMP is good clean fun for kids of all ages when compared to the sound of Maximillian's rotating claws drilling into the chest of Tony Perkins, in "The Black Hole", which came out the same year, was also G-rated, and was a freakin' Disney film to boot!
Actually The Black Hole was the first PG-rated film produced by Disney -- the beginning of their attempt to diversify into more adult-oriented films, followed by others like The Devil and Max Devlin, Tron, Never Cry Wolf, and Something Wicked This Way Comes. I distinctly remember that when TBH came out, it was seen as kind of a big deal that Disney was doing a PG-rated film.

But preconceptions about the Disney name made it hard for them to market their PG-rated films effectively, so they created the Touchstone imprint to distribute those films under, beginning with Splash. And evidently they were wise to do so, because even to this day, the Disney name on The Black Hole leads to the perception that it was G-rated or directed at children.
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