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Well, The Mummy wasn't at all what I expected. Karloff was only wrapped in bandages for one scene, and was barely seen moving in that form. I guess the cliche image of the shambling, bandage-wrapped mummy comes more from the later films made in the '40s. Here, Imhotep spent most of the film in human disguise and was a very Dracula-like figure, using his hypnotic powers to dominate the will of the leading lady so as to make her his.
Oh yeah, the original Mummy is very much an Egyptian-flavored riff on Dracula, right down to Edward Van Sloan as Imhotep's scholarly antagonist. (He also played Van Helsing in the Lugosi Dracula.)

The whole shambling mummy thing came later, with The Mummy's Hand, which was the first of the "Kharis" series. The Mummy's Hand is basically a reboot of "The Mummy" (using some of the same flashback sequences) that gets a lot more mileage out of the bandaged Mummy makeup.
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